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Europe is gorgeous – in winter and summer, all year long. The trick is to know where to visit. This is a list of the best European cities and hidden gems at different times of year. o visit , leading you to cold, warm and beautiful destinations from December to March and ahead. 


Canary Island

Although, geographically speaking, it is Africa, the Canary Islands are part of the kingdom of Spain.

Enjoy warm weather, long beaches and amazing Spanish culture.


There are the following islands to choose from:

  1. El Hierro

  2. La Palma

  3. La Gomera

  4. Tenerife

  5. Gran Canaria

  6. Fuerteventura

  7. Lanzarote

Gran Canaria and Tenerife are the most popular ones

Fuerteventura it's a semi-desert Island, it is perfect for nature lover, surfers, kite-surfers and beach-goers. The culinary scene is also not to miss.

You can:

  • climb volcano's

  • relax at the white and black beaches

  • drive a vehicle through the dunes

  • and explore hidden beaches and even a small grand canyon

However, if you prefer nightlife, then Tenerife and La Palma in Gran Canaria are the places to be.

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